Hawaiian Rainbows + Sunsets at Makena Cove - Maui Couples Photography Session

Updated: Jun 15

I was so delighted to do a Maui couples portrait session with Rachel and Marcus at Keawakapu Beach and Makena Cove. The wind at Keawakapu gave us an energetic, playful feel to the first part of our shoot, whereas the calm of Makena Cove provided a perfect atmosphere for an intimate, romantic sunset. Wailea weather never disappoints! These two spots are some of the BEST beaches in Maui, so it’s no wonder they provided such dreamy photos for these newlyweds!

These honeymooners from California had all the chemistry! It’s easy to see in their beautiful photos how much fun they had during the shoot, and how comfortable they are with one another. Even their clothing was perfectly coordinated, with white outfits to start and finishing with matching black ensembles. A group of couples watching the session even paused to cheer us on while we were taking the in-water shots. And to top it all off, we had a dazzling Hawai’i rainbow show up in the middle of the photography session for an extra bonus! There’s nothing like the beautiful, vibrant colors of the rainbows in Hawaii!

Location: Keawakapu Beach + Makena Cove, Maui HI

Session: 2-Hour Special Moments Sunset Session

Maui Photographer: Moorea Thill


Moorea Thill Photography,

Kihei Hawaii

Austin Texas 

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